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Deputy Mayor Reveals 'Worst Case' Officer Cuts

OverSpecialist (06/09/12 @ 09:19)

Why compare the Met with any other force? Which force has to police a capital city, protect the national government and the royal family? Which other force has responsibility for anti terrorist policing in England and Wales? Strip out these functions and the training costs to support them , them make comparisons with an equally sized force.

Anonymous (06/09/12 @ 09:34)

Is it me, or does 4% equate to 1250 officers and not 500?

gary (06/09/12 @ 10:00)

The Met Police is not only over supervised it is over managed both at high and middle management with over 40 commanders, its about time that this is taken into account before looking at reducing the supervising ranks not that i object to this we need more officers doing the job not sitting in offices thinking about what bright ideas they can conjure up to excel personal objectives.

Anonymous (06/09/12 @ 12:40)

How about removing some of the high ranks befor efocusing on sergeants, who at the end of the day actually get out and about and do the job. Can anyone tell me why the Met even need the rank of Commander, surely this whole rank could be abolished

Anonymous (06/09/12 @ 12:43)

If there are so many spare lockers as well do you think I could have another one so I can actually keep all my kit secure

Guest (06/09/12 @ 13:16)

@OverSpecialist. Why compare the Met with any other force..........because you're comparable. BTP, City of London Police, SOCA, RMP in addition to the Met, all Police London, as do Surrey, TVP, Essex and Kent to name some more. The Met, police the Houses of Paliament and the House of Lords because it's on you patch. Police in Scotland would be suprised that you're policing Balmoral all the way from Met land. As for CT there are over forty forces responsible for it. Over and above SO15 there's CTU's in North West (GMP) North East (Leeds), West Midlands, South East (TVP) South West , WECTU (Wales) East Midlands, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Anonymous (06/09/12 @ 13:44)

4 Sergeants to 4 PC's? Not sure where they are, certainly not on borough! its more like 10-15 PCs per sergeant.

Anonymous (06/09/12 @ 13:50)

1 sergeant to 4 PC's in the Met? Its more like 10-15 PCs per Sgt on uniform boroughs. Where are all these mythical sergeants then?

Anonymous (06/09/12 @ 13:55)

Actually its the met that police's bits of kent, surrey, herts, Essex, bucks etc....the built up bits

Anonymous (06/09/12 @ 13:57)

well said...... not enough street & custody Sergeants. Far to many C/Insp to Commander ranks. Most of whom do little or no policing tasks.

Tony (07/09/12 @ 08:21)

There are not any spare lockers. All of the PCSOs have one, all the Specials have one, SOCOs, Public order trained officers may have two to accomadate their kit

Anonymous (07/09/12 @ 08:36)

To be fair, London is a unique place. A lot of county Police forces, I am sorry to say, due to their lack of resources police on a shoe string. That’s not the fault of the officers on the shop floor it the fault of the progressive lack of budgets and poor ACPO. They seem to police areas which are equally as busy as many MET, directs like the towns/city they used to be in 70’s. MET’s not perfect, especially with the new management bringing their county ideas to the MET, however, I think we have need the right numbers for good reason.

Darren (08/09/12 @ 19:26)

More lockers than officers thats because some are sheild trained and need to keep there kit in it. I have never heard of so much clap trap. If it's not enough that pensions are stripped someone in this mans position should be more choosy in how he picks his priorities. Lockers are the last thing the Met needs a crisis on. Perhaps he is thinking of scrap value. If so just get on and do it but not something to mention in the commons select committee. As for the Met sergeants what about DCI/CI ranks that should have gone during the last round of changes. This is a devoid rank that just sits in the station and interferes with the day to day running of the place. Everyone knows Inspectors run the show downwards.

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