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Privatisation Battle: G4S Faces Public Challenger

Anonymous (29/10/12 @ 08:23)

I have said it before and now again..after the Olympic fiasco you would have to be a complete and utter buffoon just for thinking that using G4S was in any way sensible.

John (30/10/12 @ 14:37)

Here are 10 reasons how the public will see privatisation affecting the police. Partial privatisation as proposed by Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire will be the thin end of a wedge make no mistake about it! 1 It will ruin the best police force in the world. 2 Senior officers' jobs will be safe. 3 Lower officers will be made redundant and then offered their job back at a reduced salary. 4 People from third world countries will be recruited along with their third world culture and ideas. 5 Arrest and financial targets will be set. 6 The interests of the shareholders will be the priority. 7 Officers will be tempted to deal with the easier offences first. 8 Training standards will fall. 9 Uniforms will change to make the police look more like the SAS on a mission. 10 The security of everyone in this country will be put in danger. To jeopardise the security of the country in this way is an act of treason by those who sanction it.

Ivanholder@live.co.uk (02/11/12 @ 13:27)

@John I attended Police Authority meeting when the go ahead was given to the chief constable of Herts. He was asked there was only 1 option to build a business case he said words to the effect it was TOO difficult to make 2 business cases. I have the impression the deal with G4S is "signed and sealed" Ivan

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