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Private Plan Scrapped - £500,000 Wasted

Anonymous (23/11/12 @ 13:38)

haha I find this quite funny in a sad sort of way. This govt has so much to answer to.

Anonymous (24/11/12 @ 22:49)

Hello Boss, got a commendation from Mr Sims years ago. Thanks Boss.

George Dixon's Ghost (25/11/12 @ 20:01)

how can you let £500k just be thrown away just like that ... staggering absoloute mind boggling ineptitude.. Mr Simms needs the golf course and his country club membership to be his next priority and resign WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT me thinks. there can be no way back for him the question is mr simms howmany extra cops, astra cars and peugeot cell vans would that money have provided.. bexause if your not asking the question im sure lots of west midlanders are...

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