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G4S Fined For Late Prisoner Deliveries

George (115) (07/12/12 @ 11:31)

How can any self respecting Chief Constable even contemplate joining forces and working hand in glove with such an inefficient organization as G4S ? They appear to be totally lacking in professionalism and expertise. To be associated with such a company would mean the police force involved gets tainted by G4S's very poor reputation and becomes even more demoralized than it is now --if that is possible. Could be someone in high places is pulling a few strings for financial gain? Surely not !!!! (George 115)

Anonymous (07/12/12 @ 12:32)

Dude, read the arcticle, not the headline. The late deliveries have fallen by 40% since G4S took over in Jan, a significant improvement...

Guest (07/12/12 @ 12:53)

Dude, read the article properly then critically analyse it. The fines have been levied for delivering inmates late on 21,735 separate occasions since taking over the contract in January this year. A G4S spokeswoman said the number of late prisoner deliveries had actually fallen by around 40 per cent since the company took over the contract and only one in 990 deliveries resulted in a delay at court. 1 in 990 deliveries and on 21,735 separate occasions equals 21.5 million people being transported to court since January. I don't thing so. Dude, don't believe what G4S say. Stop being so naive.

George (115) (07/12/12 @ 14:50)

@Anonymous. Oh dear! Obviously a G4S employee or somebody without a modicum of analytical ability.Statistics can be used to make 2+2 = 5 but it doesn't take statistics to prove you are a numpty. I don't believe the 40% reduction claim (see posting by RDRS).Even,say,that is correct, since January G4S has been late on 21,735 separate occasions.What excuses are you going to use to justify that ,Mr Numpty? I would suggest you give up thinking because you don't seem to be qualified. (George 115)

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