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Privatisation: Guidance Over Police Roles ‘Needed’

Neil (10/12/12 @ 09:27)

Why must G4S always crop up when the issue of privatisation is discussed? Surely in the interests of fairness and openess any private contracts that become available through the Policing role should be put out to tender??

Petemac (10/12/12 @ 09:40)

It has and it's a disaster !

Anonymous (10/12/12 @ 09:48)

As far as I am aware G4S won the tender to supply staff to UK police services, I can't understand why they are needed as there are plenty of outfits that have ex cops/police staff on their books willing to take the posts

George (115) (10/12/12 @ 14:30)

@Neil But there are fingers in pies!!!George (115)

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