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Three Forces Shun G4S Plans

Springbok223 (04/02/13 @ 09:49)

We saw how G4S ran during the Olympics, that should be a valid reason for kicking them into touch. A totally incompetent outfit, as John Reid would say, 'not fit for purpose'.

Anonymous (04/02/13 @ 10:09)

For heavens sake .. Look at the Cleveland model with Steria and see why outsourcing is a disaster. Don't ask those in management seek advice from those on the coal face and see its been an absolute joke.

George (115) (04/02/13 @ 11:24)

IF ( I put 'if' in capitals 'cos it's a big 'IF') it is managed professionally and efficiently inter force collaboration,in my opinion, is the way to go and not involve a 'profit -at-all-costs' private company who despite what is said will result in many redundancies.However I feel some PCC's will resist this way as the more it is shown that inter force co-operation works well the more likelihood of Force amalgamation therefore reducing the number of PCC's needed. George (115)

Barrycop1982 (04/02/13 @ 15:10)

There are so many think tanks these days and how many times are things to be changed for the better. Like police and crime commissioners were not going to think they could change the world with Cam and Theresa and Tom behind them. They have such a high opinion of their abilities and they can draw on their vast experience of policing knowledge to change the world. It is all going pear shaped. Where is Spider-Man when you need him?

Springbok223 (05/02/13 @ 07:26)

Ms May will want G4S in as many forces as possible, why, because she has shares in the company.

Ivanholder@live.co.uk (07/02/13 @ 13:56)

AT LAST, Hertfordshire has seen the light. FOR THE TIME BEING. But the problem of outsourcing will not go away. But please not with G4S.

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