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'Extra IPCC and HMIC funds won't cut crime'

Soon to escape (19/12/14 @ 07:24)

THOUGHT HE SAID HE WAS ONLY STANDING FOR ONE 3 YR TERM....SHADES OF SEPP BLATTER ME THINKS!!!!!! or more unfinished slashing on behalf of Govt

Anonymous (19/12/14 @ 09:11)

In the words of Lord of the rings gollum Precious this job can't let go at 200k a year who would

fwank (19/12/14 @ 12:11)

So we can see the clown wearing his pretend police uniform a few more times then? Great.

james (19/12/14 @ 15:24)

With any luck there will be a change in Government in May and hopefully a change in leadership at the HMIC.

Guest (19/12/14 @ 15:38)

Well he's got to see through the privatization of the service to get his gold coin, perhaps May is hoping to be PM in 2015?

Jayman (19/12/14 @ 19:02)

If I ever see him prancing in a police uniform he won't make it to the end of that 5 year contract.

Anon (19/12/14 @ 20:42)

Winsor will be gone after May 2015. He is politically toxic as the place man of May labour will never work with him.

Springbok223 (20/12/14 @ 11:00)

What has Winsor actually done since being appointed, nothing worthy of note, except ponse about in that Idi Amin type uniform, looking like a 3rd world dictator. The only people competent to do that job are ex Chief Constables, not some ex railway man with no knowledge whatsoever.

Deputy Dawg (22/12/14 @ 11:43)

'Tom Winsor has been reappointed as HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary for five years on a contract worth a total of £999,975 over the period.' And what cost the trail of utter decimation he will no doubt leave in his wake?

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