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Staff associations: 'Evidence shows we need a pay increase'

Springbok223 (15/01/15 @ 06:23)

"We’ve shown in this Parliament that we can deliver spending reductions without damaging frontline public services if you’re prepared to undertake reform. Perhaps MP's could also reform by not taking an 11% pay rise, that would show real restraint.

Skipper. (15/01/15 @ 10:20)

Now I've seen this, I'm fully expecting less than 1% payrise next year...

MJC (15/01/15 @ 11:33)

@Anonymous - I fully agree, but has any Government we have ever seen shown restraint when the effects would be to their own detriment? It is obscene that they should even think about 11% when they are firmly putting the brakes on any other organisation or service receiving a decent wage, but there you go. Most politicians are out for Numero Uno...why anyone else can't see this is beyond me.

Guest (15/01/15 @ 12:04)

As the old saying goes 1% of naff all is still naff all ! It will take about 10 years of 1% pay rises just to get my salary up to what it was 4 years ago. I use to love this job, but now I can't wait to retire. I could put up with being treated like an outcast by criminals, but not by my government as well.

arw_ajw@icloud.com (15/01/15 @ 14:51)

History repeats itself - even after numerous Royal Commisions, commision, and pay reviews. It is a wonder that anyone would want to place their lives and liberty on line for any Government. Little wonder that morale is at an all time low from top to bottom.

A Nony Mouse (15/01/15 @ 17:11)

I'm glad to see the Fed being so ambitious on behalf of their staff when it comes to making the case for a pay rise. Just because HMG has said that the max we will get is 1% doesn't mean that we can't make the case for a higher award, especially if they take into account the real world effects of Winsor's reforms as well as the demands placed on us by staff cuts. Other unions are making the case for higher rises and are pushing the needs of their members whilst the Fed appears to roll over and accept 1%.

retiredSFO (15/01/15 @ 17:50)

I'm confused, the pay review body states that "staff associations only have one shot" at convincing them what the rise for this year should be. Police Federation General Secretary Andy Fittes above said: "Our submission takes a long-term approach. This is not just about the here and now, but about ensuring we are recognised as a credible organisation supplying strong evidence-based submissions. I am a Fed Rep and I am asking did he read the same piece as me. It is about the HERE and NOW. We want a rise above 1% this year. We get our next shot at it, the following year, when we submit for a rise of more than 1%. Officers don't want the promise of jam tomorrow, we want a substantial rise each and every year. Yet again, those at top fed level arer not listening to reps like me.

pantherman1390 (15/01/15 @ 21:40)

@Anonymous so what are you and your local federation colleagues doing about the fact the top level Fed reps are not listening to you........

UKCop (15/01/15 @ 21:50)

There is a max cap of 1% on public sector pay. There is NO POINT in asking for more than 1%. They are making the case for the full 1%, the alternative is less than that or nothing.

Frankie (15/01/15 @ 21:57)

@Guest 1%.........1% !. Waste of time. The cost of petrol makes more impact.

Ian (16/01/15 @ 06:49)

As ever the Federation leadership are addressing the wrong issue with the wrong people. There is no point in trying to negotiate with the current Government who have repetitively made clear their willingness only to take advice on policing matters from those who they parachute in from outside and who already share their ideology. The Fed's sole focus should be on dispelling in the public mind the nonsense spun habitually by the Tories in support of their cuts - that they can slash our service with no negative consequences. Until then we may as well whistle in the wind for any improvement to our pay and conditions along with everyone else in the public sector (with the obvious exception of politicians of course).

james (16/01/15 @ 09:58)

POLFED never cease to surprise me roll on three and half years.

Skipper. (16/01/15 @ 10:32)

I'm no fan of the Fed but it is tactically the correct decision. Asking for 3,4 or 5 percent would lack credibility and be completely unachievable. By asking for the maximum, it removes the HO ability to criticise and increases the chances of getting one percent. Otherwise there is a very realistic of no rise at all. But the whingers amongst you who are unable to see the bigger picture will just carry on moaning...

retiredSFO (16/01/15 @ 10:34)

Hi, this in response to pantherman1390 Dealing with the upper levels of the Federation is like crawling through treacle. Many a time I have been told to wind my neck in. Not that I do, but, here's the question. Do I try and move Stonehenge on my own or do I put my efforts into representing my colleagues on a daily basis overturn ridiculous decisions by management. Regarding pay. We must ask for more than 1% otherwise we will end up only ever asking for what we think we will get. Yes, I know we won't get more than that as the pay review will be told by government what we can have, but that's not the point.

End in sight (Formally 1togo) (16/01/15 @ 12:58)

@Anonymous you've reinforced what I thought was the case 15+ years ago when I stopped paying my 'voluntarily subscriptions'. The so called re modelling has changed nothing in this regard as a recent query I submitted, as a serving Officer and therefore a Federation member, was not only not answered but met with a derisary email response that I wasn't intended to see. Very professional.

Anonymous (16/01/15 @ 13:43)

Could the FED please re ballot members on full industrial rights? After the terrible shooting in Paris I heard a report where the French police Union was mentioned. I would bet that the French police are much better represented and receive a better level of respect and care from their Goverment.

Springbok223 (18/01/15 @ 07:56)

Lebrecht is an establishment man whatever Ms May tries to make out about him being independent, he will do exactly what she tells him to do. The Fed must get off their backsides and go for full industrial action, and stop pussy footing around, a strike is the only thing HMG understand. It wouldn't last more than a day before they pleaded with us to come back. It is time to get tough. The Fed idea of tough is like being lashed with a blade of grass.

scooby dooby dont (19/01/15 @ 13:27)

Agreed both police staff and police officers need a decent payrise. Then again this will never come under this govt. However its nice to see that the PM is stepping in demanding that private businesses give their staff a decent payrise due to the upshift in the economy and the difficulties that staff have due to their pay freezes etc. Talk about pot and kettle.

A Nony Mouse (21/01/15 @ 17:19)

I've just realised that the Fed made a 223 page submission just to justify a 1% rise. How did they manage to make 'Please Ms May but would you awfully mind, considering the 1% rise mandated by the Chancellor' into 223 pages! Its almost as big a joke as the actual pay review board whose 'job' for the next two years is to give HMG exactly what is wants.

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