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Officers better on Twitter than police PR teams, report says

Guest (05/03/18 @ 09:24)

Hallelujah...there is a difference between staid, old-fashioned 'comms' and the more dynamic public relations. In this day and age its about time there was some change...oh, and being 'good' on social media is not something that requires training, SM is a way of life these days and its just an extension of 'talking to people'.

Paul (05/03/18 @ 09:49)

Perhaps if officers spent more time trying to detect crime and kept to corporate media accounts rather than playing on social media we might see engagement with the police on a personal level and a real fall in crime.

Anonymous (05/03/18 @ 10:07)

Unless of course it's Gloucestershire who's PR teams want to control every account and have just forced the closure of individual accounts.

Anonymous845 (05/03/18 @ 11:12)

Centralised accounts run by officers with some control or a free-for-all with little control?

studley1975@yahoo.co.uk (06/03/18 @ 06:14)


Anne_ (08/03/18 @ 19:50)

They don't post to personal accounts while they are on duty.

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