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Coffee break officers foil armed robbery at café

Bill (20/08/18 @ 10:07)

Nuff said !

Jergue (22/08/18 @ 09:49)

Good job. Well done. It still won't stop the critics whining about us having breaks public view.

Simon says (23/08/18 @ 11:10)

Well said CC!! Well done officers!!

Explod (23/08/18 @ 17:02)

Great to see management support being publicised. I for one would love to see more officers having a break somewhere public. Well done to the officers.

KLB (24/08/18 @ 10:01)

I would like to imagine that this will shut up all those people who complain about officers queuing in-store for their lunch or whatever rather than going out and 'catching criminals' but, sadly, most of them probably cannot read and the pictures don't say enough.

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